Jill Cefalo-Sanders is a multi-media animator and visual storyteller
dedicated to creating exciting visuals, characters, and stories. They are a "Jill of All Trades": hand-drawn 2D animation, character design, storyboarding, rotoscoping, 3D, illustration, compositing, video editing, and sound. 
Inspired by popular TV shows and music videos of the 2000s and 2010s,
they create fresh animated pieces that blend their various mediums into a singular space.
Jill earned their BFA in Animation from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2021, specializing in mixed media animation and composite. 

Currently a Motion Designer at Pivot Group (askpivot.com), in Portland, Oregon, Jill creates advertising animation and design for a number of clients mostly within the rural broadband market. 

Jill creates a variety of work for freelance: animated film, animation for feature film, children's book illustration, brand design, storyboarding, and social media animation. 
Thank you!
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